veonet is the leading
pan-European network of ophthalmological clinics.

Our clinics and experts are recognised as leading providers of ophthalmological care, within each of their regions, and are highly regarded for their quality services, as well as their professional standards.

The veonet networking partners success is built on strong teamwork, high-quality patient outcomes, best-in-practice clinical processes and efficient administrative systems.

Our clinics provide the full range of ophthalmological treatments and offer a first-class service to our patients. We provide a collaborative, stimulating work environment with access to the latest industry trends and technologies.

All this allows our professionals to focus on their clinical work and to deliver high-quality patient care.

Our Network

veonet was founded by reputable ophthalmologists, who understand the benefits of sharing expertise, networking and best-practice, to continuously improve eye care for their patients. In addition to delivering first-class service and quality care, veonet provides a positive environment for specialists and staff to thrive personally and professionally.

We are a growing network of more than 250 clinics, in five countries, treating over 2.0 million patients every year; cooperating with all health insurance companies and supporting national healthcare service delivery. Every year, veonet eye surgeons perform around 2.0 mio ophthalmological procedures and conduct over 450,000 eye surgeries.

Our Mission

Our goal is to ensure that every patient enjoys a lifetime of healthy vision, contributing to their overall health and wellbeing.

We are passionate about what we do and encourage quality and innovation through collaboration and knowledge-sharing, within our organisation, and with our partners. Our ophthalmologists, optometrists and healthcare assistants are working together to deliver consistently best-in-class medical outcomes and exceptional patient experiences.

We believe in a combined approach of both empowering our national and local teams and sharing experiences and best practices across all our countries and sites.

Dr. Markus Hamm
Dr. Markus Hamm
Judith Barth
Judith Barth